Threading hope across the world, one song at a time...

Dear friends, 

Every song begins with one note as every journey begins with one step. So here begins my journey to thread hope across the world, one song at a time. I’d like to think that we can, one by one, each make a difference with our focus of intention. I also believe that music's power to inspire, to elevate and to heal, gives us hope in our darkest moments. In spite of everything, the human spirit will prevail. As John Lennon sang, ‘Imagine’, I, too, dare to dream big. 

This grassroots movement began with the seed of an idea that continues to grow and evolve as I take each step. All sales and donations from these songs will be used to continue making music video ‘pay it forward’ collaborations to thread hope across the world.

One song. One video. One dollar. 


Dylan Alexander Price 





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