Dylan Alexander Price

Dylan Alexander Price is a strong believer that music can heal and even change the world. He is passionate in his belief that, art as an expression of self, can provoke and inspire others to expand their consciousness.” He adds, “I'd like to think we can each make a difference, one song at a time.”

As a singer/songwriter, his pop/electro style has been influenced by Elvis, Elton John, George Michael, Annie Lennox, Coldplay, Johnny Cash and others. When pressed to describe his musical sound Dylan says, "As a songwriter, all I really have is my perspective,” but a few listens will tell you that his is really an eclectic blend of styles, ranging from country blues to melodic soul/pop. A veteran of a constantly changing music business, Dylan released his first single 'Perfection' with Polydor in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg under the artist name 'Alexander Robinson'.   And with Teldec in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  In France, the single was released with CBS records under the tutelage of French DJ Jean-Pierre D'Amico from Radio NRG.  Dylan's first album was released under the stage name of 'Blu Max' with Seattle's Nastymix Records, the cutting edge independent rap label for Sir Mix-A-Lot.  The first single, 'Strong Emotion' gained strong radio play selling 50k records with a Euro-style music video directed by Drew Carolan, MTV award winning director of Living Color and the B-52s.  Dylan's 2nd full album was released thru bi-did-it records under the band name,  'bi-phonic'.   A pop rock band based in New York City.  Dylan's 3rd album, 'Threads of Hope' was self-produced and released in 2016.   Dylan credits the craft of songwriting as the most rewarding gift on his continuing journey. His song 'Hope Is Alive' is an anthem for everyone to keep HOPE alive.  Threading hope across the world, one song at a time.