A sandpaper sweet dynamic of hard-hitting melodic pop/rock and emotionally charged vocals.

bi-phonic is a music concept project created by singer/songwriter, Dylan Alexander. However, in true creative fashion, he allowed the moniker to take on a life of it's own. A dichotomy of contrast with a reluctant desire to be one thing.

He assembled a crew of eclectic musicians. NYC's own John Nugent on acoustic guitar. Paris born bassist, Fabrice Calmettes and the Buffalo duo of David Andreana (electric guitars/backing vox) and Timm (two M's) Bielec (Drums). Inspired by their live performance energy, a self-penned rock album would be the first release in 2002.

The musical style of his first release is a sandpaper sweet dynamic of hard-hitting melodic pop/rock and emotionally charged vocals. The band exudes a youthful, energetic, and street-wise sensibility. bi-phonic deliver a raw and honest energy in their live performances, embodying the attitude of the downtown NY rock scene. They balance a refreshingly positive attitude with a gritty, play-for-keeps intensity, which is summed up in the title track, 'Rockaholic'. Contrasting attitudes are exhibited in their range from the frenetically affirmative 'It's Free to be Nice' to 'Reluctant', a defiantly charged homage to the entertainment industry. The band's bold interpretation of Captain & Tennille's 70's hit, 'Love Will Keep Us Together' has become a stirring favorite of audiences.

bi-phonic's originality is derived from triumphant vocal harmonies (a la 'Make Me Higher') combined with the acoustic and electric guitars' intertwining blend ('In Spite of Everything'). The rockbed rhythm section drives the band's intuitive stop-start signatures.

bi-phonic has been playing live gigs to enthusiastic crowds at Arlene Grocery, CBGB's, CBGB's 313 Gallery, CBGB's Lounge and the's Midtown Music Festival, building a loyal fan base while developing original material. The band recently earned an honorable mention from ModMusic Records in their unsigned band contest.

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