Threads of Hope

Dylan Alexander Price

Sounds like Adam Levine, Maroon 5, One Republic, Enrique Iglesias, George Michael

Every song begins with one note as every journey begins with one step. So here begins my journey to thread hope across the world, one song at a time. I’d like to think that we can, one by one, each make a difference with our focus of intention. I also believe that music has the power to inspire, to elevate and to heal, giving us all hope in our darkest moments. That in spite of everything, the human spirit will prevail. As John Lennon sang, ‘Imagine’, I, too, dare to dream.

The music videos for the songs ‘Undivided’, 'Hope Is Alive' and 'Everybody' are ‘pay it forward’ collaborations with like-minded individuals. This grassroots movement began with the seed of an idea that continues to grow and evolve as I take each single step. All sales and donations from these songs will be used to continue making music video ‘pay it forward’ collaborations to thread hope across the world.

“So Luv Your Voice!!! The Song Is Beautiful Too....That Song Had Me In Tears...Being A Cancer Survivor and Losing Loved Ones With The Battle Of Cancer...Music Is A Inpsirational Part Of My Life... Thanks So Much For Sharing Your Gift!!! ” TLynn1 -

“Hope is Alive is an outstanding track. You should submit it to American Idol as part of their song search. It could be the break that you have been looking for. ” Lenny - Sonic Chamelion

“HOPE is the cornerstone of our very existence,essential to our survival & our future-God bless this video, the song & it's creators-may this message encircle the globe!” dilampedusa -

“Thank you for the friendship Dylan. Great tracks man! You've got great soul brother. And, I fully agree with your viewpoints above in the read. "Art" and especially music can and does change the world for the better. Keep rockin' strong from the City of Angels. Ron” Ron -

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